lunes, 8 de septiembre de 2014

Francia - Foro - ICC's 3rd Supply Chain Financing Summit

22-23 October 2014

La Maison des Arts et Metiers
9 bis, avenue d'Iena
75116 Paris, France

Topics will include:
  • Exclusive discussion on the findings from the industry-wide SCF terminology project 
  • How can SCF work for SME’s?
  • The rise of factoring and reverse factoring
  • Forfaiting: its role and use in the 21st century
  • Corporate roundtable on changes to open account financing
  • BPO: from conception to adoption

Supply Chain Simulation Workshop 


21 October 2014


ICC Headquarters
33-43 Avenue du President Wilson
75116 Paris, France


The Cool Connection is an innovative web-based simulation. It engages participants in making strategic decisions in the management of a manufacturing company of personal care products. Working in teams of four, participants will be confronted with various real-life, real-time dilemmas as they work together to turn the company around.

Who should attend these events?

CFOs, corporate credit and risk managers, corporate treasurers, import managers and trade specialists, bankers, insurers, consultants and vendors active in trade and supply chain finance. 


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