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Las Vegas - USA - Conference Winning is Everything

Clear Your Hurdles…and WiN the Race!

In today’s competitive marketplace, successful practice management demands that we consistently raise the bar. Whether pressing your finest professionals to flex their talent muscle, or relaying your brand’s message to fuel business development, this year’s Winning is Everything is focused on coaching for leaner and tougher performance. Together, let’s train as we clear the hurdles…and WiN the race that challenges our practices.
Winning is Everything 2015 has caught up with industry front-runners to bring you the latest in practice management content. We’ve challenged ourselves and our format has again been updated and expanded. For the second year running, we have partnered with the Association for Accounting Marketing (AAM) to provide a specialized Executive Level Marketing Track. In conjunction with AAM, Winning is Everything will be providing even more pre-conference and conference proper material. This year, WiE will also bring you speakers, sessions and workshops to address your human capital hurdles, advisory services issues, technology trends and M&A challenges. We’ve incorporated an exciting, new TED-style talks format and added a young partners panel to launch the next generation of Winners out of the starting blocks.  So, whether you’re the partner in charge of marketing, business development, HR or the managing partner, we want to grow leaner and tougher with you! Register now and join us as we clear the hurdles…and WiN the race!
Attendees: Managing/Senior Partners, CEOs, COOs, Marketing Executives, Firm Administrators and all members of the Leadership Team
Dates: January 28-30, 2015
E-mail: info@andonegociando.com 

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